KVM Switches

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KVM switches

Suppose you have multiple computers in the same room, but you don't have enough space to put a second monitor. Or if you have a laptop and want to use it on your home computer's keyboard, mouse, or monitor without changing the current settings. The answer lies in a convenient device called a KVM switch.

KVM is an abbreviation for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. A combination of keyboard, video, and mouse is called a "console." KVM switches allow you to connect the console to multiple computers. Simply plug the console cable into the switch's output socket and connect the switch to your computer's connections (usually a keyboard, mouse, monitor). That's all you need.

KVM switch that can be switched between consoles

To switch between game consoles, just press the button on the switch and you will be able to use another game console. KVM switches can save you money because you don't have to buy a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor for each computer you use. This makes it very easy, for example, when one person uses multiple computers for work. It is also effective when employees access one by one in the server farm.

When purchasing a KVM switch, it is important to fully understand your needs before purchasing. Make sure that the switch you select supports the refresh rate and resolution of your monitor so that the signal does not degrade.